Catch JRValidationException when filling subreport

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Catch JRValidationException when filling subreport

Postby dpiemonte » Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:00 pm

Hi everyone,

I have some data that describes a report structure and I'm using that to generate report templates on the fly and then populating them with some other data.
Sometimes when the design is complex, the report filling throws a JRValidationException because some part of a subreport doesn't fit into the available space.

I'd like to catch that exception in order to regenerate the report template modifying some dimensions and get the final result, but the thing is that as long as I can tell, the subreports are filled in different threads, and I don't know how to get a reference to that thread so that I could set an ExceptionHandler.

Any Ideas?
Thanks a lot!

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