DynamicReports 2.4.0 released

Changes in version 2.4.0

  • upgrade to JasperReports 4.5.1
  • list and band background component, see ListBackgroundReport for an example
  • layered bar chart, see LayeredBarChartReport for an example
  • ability to add to the table of contents links to components, see TableOfContentsReport2 for an example
  • minor bug fixes and improvements
  • new examples - CustomPercentageCrosstabReport, FlowColumnPairsReport, ListBackgroundReport, LayeredBarChartReport, TableOfContentsReport2

DynamicReports 2.3.5 released

Changes in version 2.3.5

  • gantt chart, see GanttChartReport for an example
  • thermometer chart, see ThermometerChartReport for an example
  • dataPreSorted attribute was added to crosstabs
  • minor bug fixes and improvements
  • new examples - ApplicationForm, OpenFlashChartReport, GanttChartReport, ThermometerChartReport

DynamicReports 2.3.4 released

Changes in version 2.3.4

  • meter chart, see MeterChartReport for an example
  • fixed NPE when trying to set a datasource to a MultiAxisChart
  • minor javadoc updates

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